Wug monster is the main species in the Hugglemonster series. It's an alien species from an earth-like planet. They are synapsid reptiles and laying eggs. They had 1-4 meters and various colours. They had 2 main horns but can have more aditional spikes. Some wug monster can have only spikes and don't have any main horns. Their bellies are striped/spotted usually. They also have some fangs (canines, molars and incisors) and unlike humans they replaced the fangs every time the old fangs are blunted and fall.  Their neck is absent or very small and their bones is extremely lightwight usually but strong. Some wug monsters have wings and can fly.  Wug Monsters has very big mouth with big tongues and maxilar, small osteoderms,smmal scutes and small scales or scale-like structure. Also they has turbinate, secondary palate, temporar fenestra and a form of sphenoid bone. They has three toes at each feet and three  toes. They has also a little tail. They culture is inspired by human culture. Similar species are either related or unrelated with them. Some monsters are hybrids beetwen wug monsters and related species.

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