Tweak Bunny
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Octonauts
Also known as: Tweak
Species: Rabbit
Age: 18+
Friends: Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Peso Shellington, Dashi, Professor Inkling, Tunip, Barrot, Tominnow, Grouber, Codish, Sandy the sea turtle
Relatives: Ranger Marsh (father)
Occupation: Engineer
Catchphrase(s): "...faster than you can say buncha, munchy crunchy carrots!"
Voiced by: Jaimie Kelton (Season 1);

Jo Wyatt (Season 2-present)

[[Category:Characters voiced by Jaimie Kelton (Season 1);

Jo Wyatt (Season 2-present)]][[Category:Females voiced by Jaimie Kelton (Season 1); Jo Wyatt (Season 2-present)]] Tweak Bunny is one of the characters in Octonauts. She is an engineer.


Tweak lives and works in the launch bay, where she can fix a GUP “faster than you can say buncha munchy crunchy carrots!”

Physical Appearance

She has green fur and a white muzzle. She uses a pink bandana as a headband and has a blue belt with tools. She also wears blue boots.


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