Characters Voices
Kate Laila (Vocalware/Oddcast)
Julie Leila (Acapela)
David Tarik (Vocalware/Oddcast)
Chloe (Thomas' Girlfriend/Kate's Bestfriend) Salma (Acapela)
Zara Salma (Acapela)
Keith Mehdi (Acapela)
Warren Cook Mehdi (Acapela)
Krista Salma (Acapela)
Paul Nizar (Acapela)
Trisha (Leonidas' Girlfriend) Salma (Acapela)
Eric Maged (Oddcast)
James Maged (Oddcast)
Manny Nizar (Acapela)
Heather Salma (Acapela)

Season 2 (2016)

# Original Title Arabic Title Airdate
1 Kate's Nightmare/Thunderstorms wus uwgls/ajlcj aoolc 1/3/2016
2 Valentine's Day/Chocolate uzjl jlc/TBA 2/7/2016
3 Secret Spy And Detective Show/Camping Trip TBA 3/5/2016
4 Kate And Zara's Playdate/Julie And Kate's Playdate TBA 3/19/2016
5 Flower Girl/Pancake Power TBA 4/1/2016
6 Weather/Seasons TBA 5/14/2016

Season 3 (2017-18)

# Original Title Arabic Title Airdate
1 Kate And Eric's Sleepover/Fire At School TBA 1/16/2017
10 Acorns Badge Adventures/Butterfly Dance Alwg ulyolqo bgj/Awlyell Aooj 5/7/2017

Season 4 (2019)

# Original Title Arabic Title Airdate
1 The Dream Of Kate (Special) TBA 2/4/2019


4 Building Things At School/Science At School TBA 10/19/2019

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