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Summer Hugglemonster
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Also known as: Little Sis, Sunshine, Summerling
Species: Monster
Age: 9 (in the series), 11 (current age)
Friends: Denzel Dugglemonster, Gertie Growler, Beckett (dog), Estelle Enormomonster, Kama Monster, Isabella Roarson, Matilde Monster, Eduardo Enormomonster, Ernestine Enormomonster, Flopster (dog), Mr. Dugglemonster, Moud Dugglemonster, Burglar (dog), Maya Dugglemonster, Miguel Dugglemonster
Relatives: Henry (younger brother), Cobby (older brother), Ivor (baby brother), Dustin (father), Jenny (mother), Noah (grandfather), Nanno (grandmother)
Voiced by: Hynden Walch

Summer Hugglemonster is Henry Hugglemonster's sister. She loves dancing and putting up shows.


She is somewhat dramatic when putting up a show. She wasn't interested in sharing the spotlight, but she does whenever there's an emergency.

She loves to dance, sing and being on stage, she dances like a ballerina. She's also a huge fan of Isabella Roarson shows. She also loves having a audience, even having a imaginary audience. She likes doing the Salsa Stomper.

She often gets upset and overacts when things are hopeless, like not sounding like Isabella. Also doesn't like disappointing her fans.

She is also loud, also when she is singing and/or dancing, but her family finds it proud.

She loves sparkling clothes and wears them when adventuring. She also enjoys things that are cute, such as Ivor or a Baby Monsterbird.

She also loves to play dress up, including with Beckett, and gets very upset when someone doesn't keep their promise.


Summer is mostly pink with dark pink wings. She wears a yellow bow on her head. She also wears shoes. She has a pink nose.


  • In some scenes, Summer can be seen without her bow.
  • Summer's not really a comic book fan.
  • The only time Summer is seen without her shoes is when she's swimming.
  • Summer likes to put up shows and handles how hard the work is.
  • Summer is a huge fan of Isabella's concerts.
  • Summer sings her "Super Summer Sleepy Song" to put her asleep.
  • Summer won a trophy at Dance Camp.
  • Summer goes to dance class.
  • Summer mostly dances throughout the show.
  • Summer sings a song that starts the Halloween parade.
  • Summer is the only daughter of the four children.

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