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Special Agent Oso is a children's show on Disney Junior


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Special agent oso theme song00:57

Special agent oso theme song

Special Agent Oso, a fuzzy, lovable, bumbling special agent-in-training who enlists the help of viewers at home to complete his assignments. Paying homage to special agent classics, the series follows Oso, a stuffed panda bear who works for U.N.I.Q.U.E. (United Network for Investigating Quite Usual Events), an international organization of endearing stuffed animals charged with helping kids accomplish everyday tasks such as cleaning their room, brushing their teeth.

Disney Junior UK - Coming Up Special Agent Oso (2011)00:08

Disney Junior UK - Coming Up Special Agent Oso (2011)


Paw Pilot: Special Alert! Special Alert!

Meet Special Agent Oso! The Unique, Stop, Bear!

He's on a Special Assignment.

Help his kids Somwhere!

And With Help from you! There's nothing he can't do!

He's Oso Special , OSO, When he's on a scene he'll do all his with his fighting skill, do dangerous skills!

Oso: It's all part of the plan!

He's OSO Special!

OSO Special!

Special Agent OSO!

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