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Sheriff Callie
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Also known as: Sheriff Callie
Species: Cat
Age: 30+
Friends: Deputy Peck (love interest), Toby, Sparky, Priscilla, Tio, Uncle Bun, Ella, Farmer Stinky, Dusty and Dirty Dan, Mr. Dillo, Clementine, Dr. Wolf
Enemies: Billy Goat the Kid, Train Bandits
Occupation: Sheriff of Nice and Friendly Corners
Catchphrase(s): "Sweet Sassafras!"
"Leapin' Lassos!"
"What in whiskers!?"
Voiced by: Mandy Moore

Callie is the tomboyishly beautiful sheriff of Nice and Friendly Corners, who’s charged with making sure the town upholds its reputation for being the friendliest town in the West. She has a blue horse with a sparkly mane named Sparky who can gallop at lightning speed.

Peck is her deputy and friend but Callie holds Peck's hand in "The Pesky Kangaroo Rat," and usually worries about him getting into trouble through the series, hinting that she may have a crush on him.


Callie carries a magic lasso that changes into a hand, a hammer, a staircase or anything else. Like Kwazii Cat, she is another cat that can do a backflip and other flips and jumps.


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