Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Animal Mechanicals
Species: Sasquatch
Age: 17
Friends: Komodo (best friend), Mouse (love interest), Unicorn, Rex
Catchphrase(s): "It's POUNDING time!"

"The Mighty Sasquatch, making it happen!"

First Appearance: Turbo Bean Trouble
Voiced by: Ian MacDougall

Sasquatch is a blue sasquatch who has the enhanced ability to stretch. Each of his limbs extend to an incredible length. When stretched his individual limbs are long, however his joints do not alter and bend as normal. In the episode, "Baboon Balloon Island", it was revealed that he is allergic to air pears and in "Dino Mountain Island" and "Mechana Ski Ball Island",he has anxiety and a fear of heights. He has referred to himself many times as "The Mighty Sasquatch". Whenever Mouse is scared,he always comes to hold her hand (as seen in Jigsaw Shark Puzzle and Chugboat Island), but whenever he's scared or impatient (as seen in Dino Mountain Island and Snail Pace Island), Mouse always comes to hold his hand. He is voiced by Ian MacDougall.


He has referred to himself many times as "The Mighty Sasquatch." He is blue and very tall.

Animal Mechanicals Sasquatch Tribute03:43

Animal Mechanicals Sasquatch Tribute

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