Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: The Lion Guard
Species: Warthog
Friends: Timon (best friend), Simba, Nala, Kion, Kiara, Rafiki, Zazu, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Kovu, Tiifu, Zuri
Enemies: Scar, Shenzi Banzai and Ed, Zira, Nuka, Vitani, Outsiders
Relatives: Bunga (adopted nephew)
Voiced by: Ernie Sabella

Pumbaa is a warthog and is Timon's best friend, as well as Bunga's adoptive uncle and Simba's adoptive parent.


Pumbaa is a warthog the size of a lion cub with smooth red fur that is slightly darker on his underbelly. He has a large head, a rounded lower jaw, and jutting cheeks. He has a smoothed-back mane of black hair running alone his head and neck, and a black tail tuft. His nose is light pink, with large, circular nostrils. Two ivory-colored tusks jut from his upper jaw, and his small eyes have yellow sclerae. Pumbaa's inner ears are dark pink.


Pumbaa is a fun loving, happy go lucky warthog with a deep heart, though he is quick to panic when something goes wrong. He shows deep concern for Bunga when he is told of his future role in the Lion Guard, though soon comes to accept it. Unlike Timon, Pumbaa's intentions are always kind and thoughtful. However, he is very emotional, and not very helpful in a difficult situation. And he is also known as intelligent, clumsy, funny, cheerful, selfless, kind, genuine, trustworthy, devoted, helpful, silly, level-headed, childish, emotional, humorous, talented, loyal, absent-minded, witty, adventurous, naive, optimistic, valiant, tough, spineless (sometimes), protective, sweet, polite, friendly, respectful and compassionate.


Pumbaa, along with Timon, found Simba, who fled his home. They raised him to eat grubs and live a worry-free lifestyle.

One day, he and Timon were on their way to get some Utamu grubs, when they came across a baby honey badger named Bunga, who showed great interest in joining them. Although Pumbaa was keen to keep him, Timon was not so enthusiastic and made a couple of attempts to get him to leave. When Bunga came back with the Utamu grubs, Timon finally agreed with Pumbaa, and the two raised him.

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