Pirate Princess
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Jake and the NeverLand Pirates
Species: Human
Age: 20+
Friends: Jake, Izzy (best friend), Cubby, Skully, Marina the Mermaid, Winger, Stormy the Mermaid, Misty the Wonderful Witch
Enemies: Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones, The Sea Witch
Occupation: Princess of pirates
First Appearance: The Pirate Princess
Voiced by: Tori Spelling

The Pirate Princess is one of the recurring characters in Jake and the NeverLand Pirates.


Kind, brave, smart, strong and beautiful.


She has light brown hair, green eyes and make up and wears a purple outfit. Shes older then Jake and his friends.


  • "The Pirate Princess" (first appearance)
  • "The Rainbow Wand"
  • "The Never Rainbow"
  • "The Queen of Never Land"
  • "Season of the Sea Witch"
  • "Jake's Birthday Bash!"
  • "Misty's Magical Mix-Up!"
  • "Jake's Pirate Swap Meet"(cameo)
  • "Smee-erella" (cameo)
  • "Trading Treasures"
  • "Princess Power!"
  • "Captain Scrooge"
  • "Captain Frost"
  • "Tales of Captain Buzzard" (cameo)



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