Pinto Penguin
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Octonauts
Also known as: Pinto
Species: Penguin
Age: 8
Friends: Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Shellington, Dashi, Tweak, Professor Inkling, Tunip, Barrot, Tominnow, Grouber, Codish
Relatives: Peso (brother), Peso's mother, Pogo (brother), Pepita (aunt), the adelie penguins (cousins), Rocco (first cousin once removed)

Pinto Penguin is a recurring character of Octonauts. He Peso's little brother.


When he came to the Octopod, Pinto was more interested in being a pirate like Kwazii instead of a medic, which makes Peso a little jealous of Kwazii.


  • Pinto can be rambunctious and is very eager to go on adventures with his big brother, and doesn't like being left out.


In two episodes, he wore a scarf. And like his brother, he has black and white feathers, a yellow beak, and yellow Amen


  • The Octonauts and the Kelp Forest Rescue
  • The Octonauts and the Oarfish
  • The Octonauts and the Great Penguin Race

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