1 handy manny-(pepe's rocket
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Handy Manny
Species: Human
Age: 8
Friends: Chris (best friend)
Relatives: Chico (brother), Lola (mother), Manuel "Manny" Garcia (uncle), Abuelito (great-grandfather)
Voiced by: Elan Garfias

Pepe is Manny's nephew. He is 8-years old.


Pepe looks like his mother, he has the hair of Manny and wears a red top, with brown shorts.


Pepe likes to play with Manny, Chico, and his mother, Lola. He plays with the Tools and he plays with his favorite rocket. Pepe loves his baby brother, Chico. He is very hard to look after. Pepe has lots of toys that were chewed by Chico.


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