Mrs Portillo
Mrs portillo
Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: Abuelita
Species: Human
Age: 60+
Relatives: Manny and Lola (grandchildren), Abuelito (husband)
Occupation: Baker
Voiced by: Shelley Morrison
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Pilar Vargas Portillo-Garcia is one of Manny's friends and she is a great cook, Mrs Portillo Likes salsa and always somehow flirts with him, but Manny doesn't see. She has Blue Curly hair and always wears an apron. She owns a Bakery shop and shes one of Manny's good neighbors and She has two grandchildren. Her husband has never been seen on the show. She may have been widowed or divorced. On "Wedding Day", she married Abuelito. She has a dog named Carlos.

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