Merida - STF
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Sofia the First
Also known as: Princess Merida
Species: Human
Age: 16
Friends: Sofia, Angus
Enemies: Mor'du
Relatives: Queen Elinor (mother); King Fergus (father); Harris, Hubert and Hamish (younger triplet brothers)
Occupation: Princess of DunBroch
Voiced by: Ruth Connell

Merida is the main protagonist of the 2012 Disney/Pixar film, Brave and is the supporting character of Sofia the First. She made her first appearance in The Secret Library.


  • She has slender pale skin with light freckles and long red curly hair.


  • Merida was the first and only Pixar character to be a member of the Disney Princess line-up.

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