Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Jake and the NeverLand Pirates
Species: Mermaid
Friends: Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Pirate Princess, Stormy (Best Friend), Peter Pan, Queen Coralie, King Crab
Enemies: Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones
Voiced by: Ariel Winter

Marina is a cute, young and beautiful mermaid who lives in the ocean around NeverLand with the rest of her people. Unlike other young female merfolk, who tend to be snobbish, selfish, vain and downright cruel, Marina is gentle and kind to the young pirates. She often shows them the secrets of the NeverSea she finds.


  • "Surfin' Turf" (first appearance)
  • Jake's Starfish Search
  • "The Elephant Surprise!" (mentioned only)
  • "Jake's Jungle Groove (speaking cameo)
  • "Save the Coral Cove!"
  • "Pirate Rock!"
  • "It's a Winter Never Land!"
  • "Peter Pan Returns" (credits cameo)
  • "Bucky's Anchor Aweigh!"
  • "Undersea Bucky!"
  • "The Mermaid's Song"
  • "Treasure of the Tides"
  • "Izzy's Trident Treasure"
  • "Jake Saves Bucky" (flashback cameo)
  • "Cubby's Pet Problem" (mentioned only)
  • "Jake's Birthday Bash!"
  • "Captain Who?" (cameo)
  • "Seahorse Saddle-Up!" (speaking cameo)
  • "Sandy and the Clams"
  • "Jake's Never Land Rescue"
  • "Jake's Royal Rescue"
  • "The Never Sands of Time" (speaking cameo)
  • "Trading Treasures" (cameo)
  • "The Mermaid Queen's Voice"
  • "A Royal Misunderstanding "
  • "Sleeping Mermaid "


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