Manuel Garcia
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Handy Manny
Also known as: Manny; Handy Manny
Species: Human
Age: 20+
Friends: Kelly (love interest), Mr. Lopart
Relatives: Lola (sister), Chico (nephew), Abuelito (grandfather), Pepe (nephew), Mrs Portillo (grandmother)
Occupation: repairman
Voiced by: Wilmer Valderrama

Manuel Esteviez "Manny" Garcia is Sheet Rock Hills's local repairman.


He is caring to babies, animals and his own tools. Manny likes Kelly and would like to do more repairs for her. Manny's relatives are very special to him. His feelings can be hurt very easily. Manny thinks about his neighbors before himself, which makes him caring. He does as he is told, and would not take the blame for things that somebody else has done. He is good friends with Mr Lopart and Kelly. Manny has nine tools. Manny wears a red and white hat and he never takes the hat off, has a yellow pair of gloves and a yellow tool belt with a silver buckle, wears a green shirt, blue jeans, brown eyes and brown hair and brown work shoes. When Manny does a repair, he puts a pencil on top of his ear.






  • Manny wearing a king's crown for Halloween
  • Manny and the tools with Special Agent Oso in the crossover episode, The Manny With The Golden Bear

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