Characters Voices
Kate Soledad (USA) (Oddcast)
Zara Carmen (Spain) (Oddcast)
Julie Leonor (Spain) (Oddcast)
Keith Jorge (Spain) (Oddcast)
Chloe Violeta (Spain) (Oddcast)
Warren Cook (Warren) Carlos (USA) (Oddcast)
Doctor (Medico) Juan (Spain) (Oddcast)
Alan (Dad) Miguel (USA) (Ivona)
Allison (Mom) Ximena (Spain) (Oddcast)
Keegan Collins Penelope (USA) (Ivona)
Manny Miguel (USA) (Ivona)
Heather Esperanza (Mexico) (Oddcast)
Paul Cucchiella (Pablo) Diego (Argentina) (Oddcast)
Krista Francisca (Chile) (Oddcast)
David Miguel (USA) (Ivona)
Trisha (Leonidas' GF) Carmen (Spain) (Oddcast)
Teacher Kate Carmen (Spain) (Oddcast)
Evil Kate Carmen (Spain) (Oddcast)

Season 1

# Original Title Spanish Title Translation Asian Airdate (USA-ES)
1 Kate and friends go on an adventures/mother's day Kate y sus amigos van en una Aventura/feliz dia de la madre Kate & her friends go on an adventure/Happy mother's Day Abril 29, 2015
2 Weather day/Kate and friends reach for the sky (Friends Day Special) Tiempo dia/Kate y sus Amigos Ilegar al cielo Time day/Kate & her friends get to heaven Julio 18, 2015
3 Kate and zara goes out for lunch/new brother
Agosto 8, 2015
4 Morning time/Brush teeth
5 back to school/autumn day
6 Halloween parades firework show/Wizard of oz Fuegos artificiales Halloween Desfiles/mago de oz Fireworks Halloween parades/Wizard of oz Octubre 5, 2015
7 Racing day/Sick Julie dia de carreras/Enfermos de julie

Day of racing/Sick of julie

Octubre 3, 2015
8 Christmas Morning/Happy New Year (2015-2016) Navidad Manana/feliz Nuevo ano
Diciembre 25, 2015

Season 2

# Original Title German Title Translation
1 Kate's Nightmare/Thunderstorms TBA TBA
2 Blueberry Pancake Power/Flower Girl TBA
3 Pancake Girl/Supergirl TBA
4 Valentine's day/Chocolate
5 Supergirl/Camping
6 Weather/Seasons

Season 3

# Original Title Finnish Title
1 Kate And Eric's Sleepover/Fire at School ???
10 Acorn badge Adventures/Butterfly Dance Bellota Scout Insignia aventuras/mariposa danza

Season 4

# Original Title Norwegian Title
4 Building Things At School/Science At School

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