Loretta Callisto
Loretta callisto
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Miles from Tomorrowland
Species: Human
Age: 11
Friends: M.E.R.C. (robo-ostrich), Blodger Blopp, Pipp Wimpley, Haruna Kitumba, Admirals Watson and Crick
Enemies: Gadfly Garnett
Relatives: Miles Callisto (younger brother), Phoebe Callisto (mother), Leo Callisto (father), Captain Joe (uncle), Gong Gong (grandfather), Po Po (grandmother), Frida (aunt)
Occupation: Researcher

Computer coder Cosmic Explorer

First Appearance: "Runaway Shuttle"
Voiced by: Fiona Bishop
[[Category:Miles from Tomorrowland Characters]]

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