The Little Einsteins Theme has been showed on Every episode

Characters Singing

Theme Lyrics

  • Annie: We're going on a trip in our Favourite rocket shipthumb|405px|right
  • All: Zooming through the sky!
  • All : (Clapping twice)
  • All: Little Einsteins!
  • Leo: Climb Aboard
  • Annie and Quincy: Get ready to explore
  • All: There's so much to find!
  • All: Little Einsteins!
  • All: We're going on a mission!
  • Leo: Start the Countdown!
  • All: 5,4,3,2,1!
  • All: Everyone to rocket.
  • Leo: Rev it up now!
  • Leo: We're going on a trip in our favouruite rocket ship!
  • All: Zooming through the sky!
  • All: (Clapping twice)
  • Annie: Little Einsteins!
  • Leo: Climb aboard
  • All: Get ready to explore.
  • All: There's so much to Find!
  • Quincy: Little Einsteins!
  • Annie: Come On!
  • Leo: Let's Go!
  • June: Little Einstiens!
  • All: We Need You!
  • All: Little Einsteins, YEAH!!!!

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