Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Gaspard and Lisa
Species: Lagidium
Age: 13
Friends: Gaspard (best friend)
Relatives: Papa, Mama, Victoria (older sister), Lila (baby sister)
Occupation: Middle School Student
Catchphrase(s): (in unison with Gaspard) "Uh-oh! Catastrophe!"
(in unison with Gaspard) "Yes! Triumph!"
Voiced by: Charlotte "Charlie" Cohen

Lisa is the primary protagonist in Gaspard and Lisa. She is best friends with Gaspard. She is the oldest of white lagidium sisters.


Lisa can be somewhat sassy and overzealous and usually expects things to be the way she likes it before she even thinks (e.g. wants to paint her own designs on Charles' rocket model and doesn't listen to Gaspard who wants to heed Charles' warning to not touch it)


She is a white lagidium with a red scarf.