Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Chuggington
Species: Train
Age: 10+
Friends: Wilson, Brewster, Hoot and Toot, Piper, Emery, Old Puffer Pete, Calley, Hodge, Olwin, Irving, Speedy McAllister, Zephie, Harrison, Chatsworth, Frostini, Dunbar, Decka, Mtambo, Skylar, Action Chugger, Jackman, Zack, Hanzo (mentor), Eddie, Morgan, Lori, Vee, Mayor Pullman
Occupation: Advanced Trainee Passenger Chugger; Speed Fleet Chugger
Catchphrase(s): "Chugga chugga choo choo!", "Traintastic", "Bet you can't catch Koko", "Wheels of fire!"
Voiced by: Brigid Harrington

Koko is the primary protagonist of Chuggington. Hanzo is her mentor.


Koko is somewhat mischievous and somewhat in a rush of things. She is also teases some chuggers who prefer to go slow, by calling them "slow coach". She is also curious of what she sees and is anxious to know what anything's about. She usually gets into trouble for having too much fun, and whenever someone disciplines her and ends her fun without warning, she would get upset. But every time it happens, she would eventually discover the wrong-doings she causes and always apologize for her actions.

Phisical Apperance

She is a green and purple electric train. She has silver eyebrows.


She is the only female and oldest of the trio.


For more pictures and screenshots of Koko, click here.

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