Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: The Lion Guard
Also known as: Prince Kion
Species: Lion
Age: 12-13 years old (in human years)
Friends: Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, Kovu, Tiifu, Zuri, Basi, Jasiri, Ajabu, Badili, Majinuni and Hafifu, King Sokwe
Enemies: Janja, (arch nemesis) Cheezi, Chungu, Zira, Nuka, Vitani, Nne, Tano, Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo, Mzingo, Mwoga, Ushari, Makuu, (formerly) MapiganoMakucha, Outsiders, Janja's Clan Kiburi, Tamka, Kijana,
Relatives: Simba (father)
Nala (mother)
Kiara (sister)
Mufasa (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Kovu (brother-in-law)
Sarabi (paternal grandmother)
Sarafina (maternal grandmother)
Nala's Father (maternal grandfather; presumed deceased)
Scar (great uncle; deceased)
Occupation: Prince of the Pride Lands; Leader of the Lion Guard
Catchphrase(s): "Hevi kabisa!"
Voiced by: Max Charles

Kion is the main protagonist of the show, The Lion Guard.


Kion is very sensitive and very serious. He is very willing to obey his father's rules. He even dreads about going into the Outlands. And he is also known as playful, intelligent, adventurous, calm, level-headed, open-minded, cautious, brave, mature, responsible, selfless, caring, protective, heroic, astute, kind-hearted, loving, sophisticated, strong, prideful (occasionally), laid-back, instructive, trustworthy, thoughtful, low-key, educated, benevolent, respectful, organized, tidy, heroic, extroverted, responsible, supportive, observant, nice, sensible, obedient, no-nonsense, optimistic, friendly, sweet, independent, modest, big-hearted, athletic, lion-hearted, idealistic, outgoing, noble, courteous, upbeat, bright, likable, ill-tempered (sometimes), ornery (sometimes), nurturing, conscientious, unselfish and bold.



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