King Roland II
King Roland II
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Sofia the First
Also known as: Roland, King Roland
Species: Human
Age: 40+
Friends: Baileywick
Relatives: Miranda (second wife), Princess Amber (daughter), Prince James (son), Sofia (stepdaughter), Emily (wife; deceased), Tilly (sister)
Occupation: King of Enchancia
Voiced by: Travis Willingham

King Roland II is the king of Enchancia in Sofia the First. He is married to Miranda.


Roland is somewhat caring. Although he could be protective, he knows his children would be okay.

Queen Miranda sometimes calls him "Rollie".


Normally, he is seen wearing a blue tailcoat "that fastens completely in the front(unlike today's decorative versions)" and a yellow bow tie.

On formal occasions, he wears a red uniform, a black sash, a red royal mantle, a crown, and a gold sash around his waist.

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