Kelly Jr is the daughter of Manny and Kelly. She is 1, and the twin of Manny Jr .

Kelly Jr
Image:180px-Kelly jr.png
Character Information
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Kelly Jr loves to cry, and be a bit bossy to her twin brother , even if she's only 1, Kelly Jr likes Dusty and Squeeze , the best, She loves totillas, lemon drops and pink shoes. Her favourite food is nachos. When Kelly Jr was born after Manny Jr , Manny wanted to hold both, but Manny Jr was being held by Manny , so Kelly Jr was held by Kelly .Manny Jr and Kelly Jr, are not allowed to be seen on air or the audience will understand what's going on between Manny and Kelly and what they did, (It's a kids show)


Kelly Jr wears a pink hat, she has ginger hair like Kelly, and brown eyes like Manny, she wears pink shoes and a pink undercoat.


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