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6 Episodes, And Seasons 2, 3, 4 Are Finally Produced In This Dub

Season 1

# Original Title Turkish Title Airdate
1 Kate And Friends Go On An Adventure/Mother's Day Kate ve arkadaşları bir macera/Anneler gününde git Pazar, Nisan 26, 2015
7 Racing Day/Sick Julie Yarış günü/hasta Jülîę Ekim 6, 2015

Season 2

# Original Title Norwegian Title
6 Weather/Seasons Hava/mevsim

Season 3

# Original Title Norwegian Title
10 Acorn Badge Adventures/Butterfly Dance Meşe palamudu rozet macera/kelebek dansı

Season 4

# Original Title Norwegian Title
5 Building Things In School/Science At School
6 Violins/Fairytale Ball


Characters Turkish Title Voice
Kate Kate Selin (Oddcast)
Julie Jülîę Zeynep (Oddcast)
Chloe Anika Filliz (Ivona)
Keith Keith Kerem (Oddcast)
Zara Zara Aylin (Oddcast)
Krista Krishtya Ipek (Acapela-Group)
Paul Cucchiella Paul Cücchiella Cem (Lingutec)
Teacher Kate Teacher Kate Yelda (Linguatec)
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