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Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Jake and the NeverLand Pirates
Also known as: Captain Jake
Species: Human
Age: 7
Friends: Izzy (love interest), Marina the Mermaid, Cubby, Skully (best friend), Peter Pan, Bucky
Enemies: Captain Hook
Occupation: Pirate
Catchphrase(s): "Yo ho, way to go!"
First Appearance: Hide the Hideout!
Voiced by: Colin Ford (Ep. 1 - Ep. 86), Cameron Boyce (Ep. 87-present)

Jake is the main protagonist of the series and leader of the Never Land Pirates. Since The Great Never Sea Conquest, Jake is now the pirate captain.


Jake is a 7 year old pirate, he is the leader of their pirate crew,it's hinted that he has a slight crush on Izzy, Jake can be smart sometimes,but Jake loves to shout! Cubby is Jake's favorite.


Jake wears a red headband he has black hair and wears a white shirt, blue jeans, a blue over coat, and brown boots. When he became captain, he dons a pirate captain's hat and his wooden sword is replaced by a real sword. He also has a blue jacket.


For more pictures and screenshots of Jake, click here.

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