Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Chuggington
Species: Train
Age: 40+
Friends: Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Hoot and Toot, Piper, Emery, Old Puffer Pete, Calley, Hodge, Olwin, Speedy McAllister, Zephie, Harrison, Chatsworth, Frostini, Dunbar, Decka, Mtambo, Skylar, Action Chugger, Jackman, Zack, Hanzo, Eddie, Morgan, Lori, Vee, Mayor Pullman
Occupation: Chugger
Catchphrase(s): "Tipping...Tipping...Tipping..."
Voiced by: John Pohlhammer

Irving is one of the characters of Chuggington. He handles recycling.


Irving may look a little snappish, but he can be very helpful to others. He can also be wise on things, as explained in Koko Pulls It Off when he disciplines Mr. Simpkins for falsely criticizing Koko for doing something that wasn't her fault.


He is a medium sized red shunting engine.