Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Hippo
Age: 20+
Friends: Zooter, Ellyvan, Bungo, Crocker, Toadhog, Dozer, Carla, Lance, Mrs Jolly, Taxicrab, The Beetlebugs, Bobby
Occupation: School Bus
Voiced by: Amanda Symonds
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Hippobus is a yellow bus.


She usually carries The Beetlebugs to school. Her name derives from a Hippie Bus - usually a redecorated Volkswagen Bus. Fitting, as she carries the beetlebugs around. Hippobus lives in a house just outside of town with a wallowing pool. Kind and caring are her middle names and she is always ready to lend a wheel. Her job is to take the Beetlebugs to school and on day trips to interesting places in the Jungle. She loves the mischievous little things and acts as a mother to all of them.


Hippobus is a yellow Jamaican hippopotamus school bus.

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