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Henry Hugglemonster
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Also known as: Little Bro
Species: Monster
Age: 8 (in the series), 10 (current age)
Friends: Beckett (dog), Denzel Dugglemonster, Gertie Growler, Estelle Enormomonster, Isabella Roarson, Eduardo Enormomonster, Ernestine Enormomonster, Flopster (dog), Matilde Monster, Mr. Dugglemonster, Moud Dugglemonster, Burglar (dog), Maya Dugglemonster, Miguel Dugglemonster
Relatives: Cobby (older brother), Summer (older sister), Ivor (baby brother), Dustin (father), Jenny (mother), Noah (step-grandfather), Nanno (grandmother)
Voiced by: Lara Jill Miller

Henry Hugglemonster is the titular character of the show of the same name. He lives in a town of Roarsville.


He is very fun-loving and is more of an idealistic character. Whenever there's problem, Henry's there to solve it. He might also point out to someone how someone else feels.

Henry likes to roar and his roar what makes him "Henry Hugglemonster".

When things go wrong and Henry is under pressure or can't think straight with many noises, he needs a "Hugglebreak" which he flies up, clears his head, flies down to make things right.

When theirs someone who's sad or upset, Henry will cheer them up to make them feel better.

Henry has a standard catchphrase he uses called, "Roarsome", when he finds something exciting.


He is yellow with green wings. He has blue eyes and a red nose.


  • Henry always says "Roarsome" and he knows he says it a lot.
  • Henry, along with his brother, are Monster Scouts.
  • Henry received a badge and trophy for winning the Roaring Racers.
  • He once lost his first baby fang which makes him whistle instead of roaring which everyone found it amusing.
  • He hates slurpberries.
  • Henry mostly flies throughout the show.
  • He once lost his voice and his older, Cobby, had to take his place in the "Roaroff".
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