Grammo Dugglemonster
Picture 14
Character Information
Gender: Female
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Species: Dugglemonster
Friends: Grando Hugglemonster, Nan-Oh Hugglemonster (best friend)
Relatives: Denzel (grandson), Harold (son), Maude (daughter-in-law)
Occupation: Member of knitting club
Voiced by: Lewis Macleod

Grammo Dugglemonster is Denzel Dugglemonster's paternal grandmother.

She lives with Denzel and his parents in their underground house.

Grammo likes to take part every year in the Iron Granny competition with Nan-Oh, her best friend.

She loves knitting and is a member of the Roarsville knitting club.

Like all Dugglemonsters, she has large hands but doesn't dig as many tunnels as she used to. She is white and has pink dots.



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