Geppetto Clipart
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Disney's Pinocchio: The Series
Species: Human
Age: 40
Friends: Jiminy Cricket, Figaro, Cleo and The Blue Fairy
Enemies: Stromboli
Relatives: Pinocchio Shorts (Geppetto's Son), Patty (Close Daughter) and Gladys (Close Best Buddies)
Occupation: Woodcarver
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett

Geppetto: A kind and elderly woodcarver who creates Pinocchio and wishes for him to become a real boy. By the voiced Jeff Bennett.

Geppetto Appearance

Geppetto is a rather old man with black eyebrows, thick, white hair, and a white mustache. His eyes are blue and he wears frame-less, rectangular spectacles. His nose is a bit large and his ears seem to be slightly pointed. He wears a light lilac-colored shirt with baggy sleeves under a red-violet vest. He wears an odd strap of some sort over his abdomen that is red violet with gold lining and decorated with gold crosses. Geppetto also wears black breeches (worn rather high), grey, knee-high socks, and brown shoes with gold buckles.

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