Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Gaspard and Lisa
Species: Dog
Age: 6
Friends: Lisa (best friend)
Relatives: Dad, Mom, Mamie Mathilde (grandmother), Charles (older brother)
Occupation: Elementary School Student; Judo Student
Catchphrase(s): (in unison with Lisa) "Uh-oh! Catastrophe!"
(in unison with Lisa) "Yes! Triumph!"
Voiced by: Peter Harris

Gaspard is the deuteragonist in Gaspard and Lisa. He is best friends with Lisa and youngest of the two brothers.


Although Gaspard can be a bit rambunctious, he is more honest, truthful and mature than Lisa. He sometimes wants to let Lisa know that not everyone expects someone else to do things their own way, just because they do.


He is a black dog with a blue scarf.