Eduardo Enormomonster
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Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Also known as: Mr. Enormomonster
Species: Enormomonster
Friends: Daddo Hugglemonster, Momma Hugglemonster, Flopster (monsterdog), Harold Dugglemonster, Maude Dugglemonster
Relatives: Estelle (daughter), Ernestine (wife), Hugo (son), Unnamed older brother
Voiced by: Brian Blessed

Eduardo Enormomonster is Estelle's father and Ernestine's husband.

The Enormomonsters live next door to the Hugglemonsters.

The Enormomonsters are the biggest mosters in Roarsville.

Eduardo and Ernestine are always happy to lend an enormous hand whenever someone in Roarsville needs some help. Eduardo comes in particularly handy during the Hugglemonsters 'spring clean', the one time of the year where they clean even under the house!

He helped Henry turn the Hugglemonsters house into a sled house as a suprise for Daddo

Eduardo is a Monster Scout leader just like his friend Daddo. He also has a soft spot for Momma's homemade Hugglemas taffy.

He plays the horn, and loves to sing, especially at the Tra la la la laaaa festival.

His father was not an Enormomonster or fully Enormomonster (but an giant monster-like creature with human-like nose), but his mother was a Enormomonster and married an Enormomonster  who's surname was Enormomonster. His wife in full Enormomonster and his offpsirngs are near complete Enormomonster. 



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