Dusty and Dirty Dan
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Sheriff Callie's Wild West tv show
Species: Pig
Age: 30+
Friends: Sheriff Callie, Deputy Peck, Toby, Sparky, Priscilla, Tio, Uncle Bun, Ella, Farmer Stinky, Clementine, Mr. Dillo
Enemies: Billy Goat the Kid
Occupation: Miners
Voiced by: Gary Anthony Williams

Dirty Dan and Dusty are two blue pig brothers who work in a mine to find gold, silver, or iron.


  • Despite the fact, that they're twins, Dusty is older than Dirty Dan. He says "Baby Brother" to Dirty Dan.
  • In the episodes, "My Brother's Sleeper", and "A Dirty Dusty Apology", they sometimes bicker, which is what brothers and sisters sometimes do.

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