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Season 6 & 7 Are Produced To This Dub

Original Title Urdu Title Voices
Kate Kate Katrin (Germany) (Oddcast/Vocalware)
Julie Katrin Liv (Ivona) (Norway)
Chloe Tanja (Germany) Vilde (Norway) (Vocalware/Oddcast)
Zara Emily (Norway) Soledad (America, Mexico) (Vocalware/Oddcast)
Paul Pablo (Spain) Sven (Sweden) (Oddcast/Vocalware)
David David Jorge (Spain) (Oddcast/Vocalware)
Keith Bob (France) Kerem (Turkey) (Oddcast/Vocalware)
Manny August Marko (Finland) (Vocalware/Oddcast)
Heather Heather Astrid (Sweden) (Ivona)
Krista Victoria (Norway) Selin (Turkey) (Oddcast/Vocalware)
Eric Henrik Henrik (Norway) (Oddcast/Vocalware)
James James Alan (Vocalware/Oddcast) (Australia/English)
Warren Cook Warren Filiz (Turkey) (Ivona)
Trisha (Leonidas' Girlfriend) Trisha Zosia (Poland) (Oddcast/Vocalware)
Kate's Mom (Allison) Şoisam Filiz (Turkey) (Ivona)
Kate's Dad (Alan) Alan Alan (Vocalware/Oddcast)

Season 1

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
1 Kate And Friends Go On An Adventure/Mother's Day Kate Und Venner Ga Pa Una Eventyr/Morstag Abril 26, 2015
2 Weather Day/Kate And Friends Reach For The Sky Vær Tag/Kate Und Venner Na Großte Til Die Niebo Juli 11, 2015
6 Halloween Parades Trick Or Treat Fireworks Show/Wizard Of Oz Halloween Parader Trick Or Treat Fireworks Show/Magiske De Oz Oktober 4, 2015
7 Racing Day/Sick Julie Racing Tag/Syke Katrin Oktober 6, 2015
8 Christmas Morning/Happy New Year (2015-2016) Weihnchten Morgen/Frohes Neues Año (2015-2016) Desember 19, 2015

Season 2

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
1 Kate's Nightmare/Thunderstorms Kate's Nachtmare/Tordenvær Janvier 3, 2016
6 Weather/Seasons Vær/Jahreszeiten Mai 14, 2016

Season 3

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
2 Rhino On The Run/Lemonade Stand Rhino På Die Courir/Stand De Los Lemoniada Janvier 23, 2017
10 Acorns Badge Adventures/Butterfly Dance Eikenøtter Badge Eventyrene/Butterfly Tanz Mai 7, 2017
24 I Love Schools/Vetran's Day Jeg Liebe Skolen/Vetran's Tag Noviembre 2, 2018

Season 4

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
4 Building Things At School/Science At School Gebaude Dinge På Skolen/Science På Skolen Oktober 19, 2019

Season 5

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
2 Secret Spy And Detective/Fire Is Awesome Sekret Espia Und Detektiv/Fire Ist Genial Mars 31, 2021

Season 6

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
1 Kate And Julie Gets Ungrounded/David Gets Ungrounded
Janvier 10, 2022

Season 7

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
3 Kate Watches TV For Adults/Watching The Simpsons
Augustus 23, 2032

Season 8

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
3 Kate Goes Quietly/Dragon Adventures Express
Janvier 15, 2033

Season 9

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
18 The Spooky Ghost Adventure/Camping Die Spooky Ghost Eventyrene/Kampı Oktober 19, 2034

Season 10

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
11 Play Ball/Hiccups Play Ball/Hiccups Abril 2, 2035

Season 11

# Original Title Urdu Title Airdate
5 Kate And Her Girls Go Quietly/Shh! Shh! Kate Und Her Girls Gå! Quietly/Sch! Sch! Abril 19, 2036
76 The Two Musketeers/Help Die To Musketerene/Hjelp Mai 22, 2041

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