Die Aventyr Af Kate-1

Die Äventyr Af Kate Aired 2 Season 1 Episodes On TG4. Season 7 Is Not Produced In This Dub. Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Are Finally Produced On This Dub. På Gennaio 2016-Abril 2017, Jeg Was Not Helping På Televisione Is Right, Isn't It. As Af Maggio 2019, Jeg Was Helping På Televisione Or Not. Around Kesäkuuta 2004-Augustus 2012, Jeg Was Die Channel På TG4. During Pebrero 2024. På Settembre 2011, Vaše TV Is On TG4 For Jste. På Marso 2012, He Was Knowing Uber TG4. In Disyembre 31, 2004, Jeg Was Knowing Uber TG4 (Philppines), På Finland. Since 1896-2006. 2015 Af Maggio. På 2013, Jeg Enjoy Youtube To Watch TG4 Videos Af Mikke Egér Kerhotalo Since 2013. It Also Has 7 Logos Like Shadow Projects, Jim Henson Home Entertainment, Gracie Films, Fracie Films, 20th Television, Disney Junior, & FremantleMedia. As Af Gennaio 31, 2004? Yes, Season 2 Og Season 5 Are Produced. På Maggio 14, 2015, Jeg Was Knowing. På Settembre 16, 2015, Jeg Know Things. På Kesäkuuta 22, 2032. Jeg Was Knowing All About 1935, 1936 & 2005. På Finland, Jeg Was På Televisione. Die Äventyr Af Kate Is Die Good Show Og Die Filipino Logo. På Gennaio 29, 2005 Jeg Was På TV. As Well For Hulyo 14, 2015-Gennaio 14, 2016. As Well För Noyembre 3rd-30th, 2014-2015. As Af Maggio 2, 2016. Since 1911-2060. As Well För 2047. På 2008, Jeg Was Knowing It På TV. På Kesäkuuta 3rd-10th-24th 2004/2016. For 3 Weeks. Since Hulyo 12, 2010. For Disyembre 31, 1974. För 4 Months Og 5 Years Og 6 Tagen. As Well As Maggio 2, 2016

Original Title

Filipino Title Actors
Kate Kate Eliska (Czech)
David Augustus Marko (Finnish)
Julie Julye Valentina (Italian)
Chloe Khloe Vilde (Norwegian)
Keith Keithe Sven (Swedish)
Zara Paperena Silvana (Italian)
Krista Annikka Annika (Swedish)
Paul Pavel Jorge (Castilian Spanish)
Manny Mannie Marcello (Italian)
Heather Kaitie Milla (Finnish)
Warren Cook Musse Kook Stefan (German)
Trisha (Leonidas' Girlfriend) Iines Katrin (German)
James Ido Matteo (Italian)
Eric Erick Duncan (English Scottish)
Die Aventyr Af Kate-0
Die Aventyr Af Kate
Season 1 (2015)
# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
2 Weather Day/Kate And Friends Reach For The Sky Saa V Den/Kate Og Amici Arribar For Die Obloha Hulyo 11, 2015
7 Racing Day/Sick Julie Zavodni Tag/Syke Julye Oktubre 6, 2015

Season 2 (2016)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
1 Kate's Nightmare/Thunderstorms Kate's Nachtjainen/Thunderstorms Gennaio 3, 2016
3 Valentine's Day/Chocolate Valentin's Tag/Chocolajte Pebrero 7, 2016

Season 3 (2017-2018)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
10 Acorn Badge Adventures/Butterfly Dance Agern Badge Äventyr/Motlý Tans Maggio 7, 2017
26 I Love Schools/Vetran's Day Jeg Liebe Skolan/Vetran's Tag Nobyembre 2, 2018

Season 4 (2019)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
4 Building Things At School/Science At School Budova Things På Skolan/Science På Skolan Oktubre 19, 2019

Season 5 (2020-2021)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
1 Violins/Fairytale Ball Violini/Fairytale Ball Hulyo 12, 2020
2 Secret Spy And Detective/Fire Is Awesome Sekret Spie Og Detektive/Fire Is Awsome Marso 31, 2021

Season 6 (2022-2024)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
1 Kate And Julie Gets Ungrounded/David Gets Grounded Kate Og Julie Gets Ungrounded/Augustus Gets Grounded Gennaio 10, 2022
39 Kate And Julie Gets A Pink Card And Gets Ungrounded/David Gets Ungrounded Kate Og Julie Gets Die Pink Card Og Gets Ungrounded/Augustus Gets Ungrounded Disyembre 7, 2024

Season 8 (2033)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
3 Kate Goes Quietly/Dragon Adventure Express Kate Går Quietly/Sarkany Äventyr Ekspres Gennaio 15, 2033

Season 9 (2034)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
18 The Spooky Ghost Adventure/Camping Die Spooky Ghost Äventyr/Kamping Oktubre 19, 2034

Season 10 (2035)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
11 Play Ball/Hiccups Play Mic/Hiccups Abril 2, 2035

Season 11 (2036-2041)

# Original Title Filipino Title Airdate
5 Kate And Her Girls Go Very Quietly/Shh! Shh! Kate Og Her Girls Gå Very Quietly/Sch! Sch! Abril 19, 2036
60 Kate Has A Secret Message For My Sister/Sniffles Kate Has Die Sekret Message För Min Suster/Sniffles Gennaio 15, 2040
76 The Two Musketeers/Help Die Två Mušketýři/Hjälp Maggio 22, 2041

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