Denzel Dugglemonster
Char 94353
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Henry Hugglemonster
Species: Dugglemonster
Friends: Henry Hugglemonster (best friend), Summer Hugglemonster, Cobby Hugglemonster, Estelle Enormomonster, Flopster (monsterdog), Gertie Growlerstein, Gurgler (monsterdog), Sneezo (monsterpet)
Relatives: Harold (father), Maude (mother), Grammo (grandmother)
Voiced by: Cree Summer

Denzel Dugglemonster is Henry Hugglemonster's best friend. He loves to dig and have fun with Henry.


Denzel is a little taller than Henry. He is a light grey monster with brown stripey horns. He also has a patch on one eye and a blue nose.


Denzel comes from a long line of Dugglemonsters, and shares their physical talent for digging holes and tunnels thanks to his scooped-out hands and feets and sharp teeth.

Unlike Henry, Denzel tends to freak out if things don't go as planned. He's a bit of a worrier - or rather an over worrier. He worries even when he doesn't really need to. Luckily Henry knows how to calm him done.

Denzel lives with his parents, Harold, who runs the Roarsville Cake Shop, and Maude in an underground house that Henry loves to visit. Denzel's grandmonster, Grammo lives with them too.

Denzel's horns light up when you push his nose, perfect for digging tunnels!

Denzel's catchphrase is 'I dig it!'

Denzel collects rocks.

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