The Dub Premiered June 26, 2017 In Luxembourg, May 16, 2017 in Indonesia, And August 1, 2017 in Serbia.


Characters Voices
Kate Lovposki (Kate Luwposky) Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Chloe Piper Pettit (Chloie) Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Keith Penza (Keeith Penza) Stefan (German/Oddcast/VW)
Keegan Collins (Keegan Kolins) Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Warren Cook (Warrén Cook) Stefan(German/Oddcast/VW)
Julie (Tascha) Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
David Stefan (German/Oddcast/VW)
Paul Cucchiella (Pablo Cüschiella) Stefan (German/Oddcast/VW)
Manny (Quax) Stefan (German/Oddcast/VW)
Heather (Hèthar) Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Krista (Krissta) Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Trisha (Leonidas' GF) (Triša) Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Teacher Kate Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Kate's Mom Eszter (Hungarian/Oddcast)
Kate's Dad Stefan (German/Oddcast/VW)
Kate's Grandma Florence (French/Oddcast/VW)
Kate's Grandpa Stefan (German/Oddcast/VW)

Season 3

# Original Title Luxembourgish Title Airdate Serbia
10 Acorn Badge Adventures/Butterfly Dance Acorn Badge Abenteur / Päiperlek Dance Monday, Juni 26, 2017 August 1, 2017 Mee 16, 2017
26 I Love School/My Friends Ech hu gär Schoul / Meng Frënn Februar 27, 2018 Februar 22, 2018 Februar 16, 2018

Season 4

# Original Title Luxembourgish Title Airdate
4 Building Things In School/Science In School Gebai Saachen an Schoul / Wëssenschaft An Schoul Oktober 21, 2019 Dezember 1, 2019 Oktober 20, 2019
5 Violins/Fairytale Ball Violinen / Mäerchen Bal August 20, 2020 Juni 20, 2020 August 4, 2020


# Original Title Luxembourgish Title Airdate Serbia
1 The Adventures of Kate: the Movie D'Abenteur vum Kate: de Film Februar 24, 2018 August 20, 2017
2 The Legend Of Kate D'Legend vum Kate Februar 5, 2019 Februar 18, 2019

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