Jiminy Cricket
268px-02 Jiminy Cricket Clipart
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Disney's Pinocchio: The Series
Species: Cricket
Age: Unknown
Friends: The Stupid Little Boys Pinocchio Shorts, Patty, Geppetto, Gladys, Figaro Alexander (Pinocchio) and Cleo
Enemies: The Coachman's Goons Stromboli Lampwick The Coachman
Relatives: The Blue Fairy (Close Each Other)
Occupation: Summons
Voiced by: Phil Snyder

Jiminy Cricket: a cheerful and wise cricket who acts as Pinocchio's "conscience" and the partial narrator of the story. By the voiced Phil Snyder.

Jiminy Cricket Appearance

True to his name, Jiminy is an anthropomorphized cricket, though he bears virtually no resemblance to real-life crickets. He has olive skin, thin black eyebrows, four-fingered hands, and wears the famous white gloves many older Disney characters wear. He dresses very formally, wearing a royal blue top hat with an orange band near the base, a red vest with a single, pink button on the front, a yellow ascot, a black blazer, and a high-collared white shirt. He also sports tan pants and yellow shoes with black tips. Jiminy also carries a red umbrella. Lampwick

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