Chaz and Jaz (The Twirly Twins)
Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 6.32.56 PM
Character Information
Gender: Male and Female
Show: Doc McStuffins
Species: Doc's new Toy
Friends: Doc McStuffins, Stuffy, Lambie, Chilly, Hallie, Squeakers, Dress-Up Daisy
Occupation: Acrobat Circus Toy
First Appearance: Twin Tweaks
Voiced by: Chantelle Barry (Jaz)

Scott Whyte (Chaz)

[[Category:Doc McStuffins Characters]][[Category:Characters voiced by Chantelle Barry (Jaz)

Scott Whyte (Chaz)]][[Category:Male and Females voiced by Chantelle Barry (Jaz) Scott Whyte (Chaz)]]

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