January 17, 2020

Time Episode
12:33 Disney Junior Starts
12:35 Doc McStuffins: Chilly Gets Chilly
1:00 Elmo's World: Families
1:23 Peanuts Movie
2:05 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Wizard of Dizz
2:55 Olivia: Kite Party
3:25 Elmo's World Building Things
3:55 Blaze and The Monster Machines: Fired Up
4:10 Elmo's World: Food
4:43 Word world Happy Birthday Dog
5:00 The Wonder Pets: Save the Old White Mouse!/The Adventures of Bee & Slug!
5:16 Caillou Gets Sent to Bed Early
5:21 Chloe Gets Grounded: Chloe Loves Pepsi And Oreos
5:40 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: A Surprise For Minnie
6:00 The Adventures of Kate: Building Things in school/Science In School
6:19 Teletubbies: Party
6:39 Backyardigans: Pablor and the Acorns (S04Ep16)
7:00 Sesame Street: Good Morning (S50E01)
7:23 Blue's Clues: The Fairytale Ball
7:46 Barney And Friends: Splish Splash
8:05 Wow Wow Wubbzy: Wubbzy and The Fire Engine/Woozy Walden
8:43 Blaze and the Monster Machines: Five Alarm Blaze
9:09 Wow Wow Wubbzy: The Fun Run/Walden's Nightmare
9:25 Stickin' Around: Battle of the Band / The Scarlet Pimple
9:50 Nature Cat: Breezy Rider/Swamp Thing
10:37 Michael Rants S2 #15: Alvin Hung
10:55 My Friends Tigger And Pooh: No Rumbly in Pooh's Tumbly/Pooh Sticks Get Stuck
11:46 Bear in the Big Blue House: And to All a Goodnight
12:25 Michael Salutes S2 #1: The Loud House
12:52 School Rocks: First Day of School
1:05 Kid Temper Tantrum: Pees On Daddy's Bed
1:37 Violette1st Show: William Shoots The TV
1:55 Teen Titans Go!: Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp
2:25 Kid Temper Tantrum: Doesn't Want to Get Dressed For School
2:55 The Collins Family: Ivy hates valentine's day
3:18 Elmo's World Skin
3:57 Elmo's World Birthdays
4:20 Blaze and the Monster Machines: Fired Up
4:59 Blaze and the Monster Machines: Fired Up
5:29 Bubble Guppies: Fishketball
5:39 Chloe Gets Grounded: Chloe Misbehaves In School/Grounded
6:01 Family Guy: Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date
6:35 The Simpsons: Moho House
6:50 The Loud House: Covers Girl/Save the Date
7:30 Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Mr. Candle cares/Red Belt
7:46 Violette1st Show: Get Up For School Prank (RAGE)
8:00 Violette1st Show: Domino's $7.99 deal GONE Wrong
8:47 Backyardigans: Elephant on the run (S04Ep14)
9:01 Kid Temper Tantrum: Destroys Cake Cus He Couldn't Play XBOX
9:30 Disney Junior Sign off
9:31 GoAnimate Network Adult Starts

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