Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Toucan
Age: 40+
Friends: Zooter, Ellyvan, Bungo(best friend), Crocker, Toadhog, Dozer, Carla, Hippobus, Lance, Mrs Jolly, Taxicrab, The Beetlebugs
Occupation: Police Chief
Voiced by: Jimmy Hibbert
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A toucan police chief.


His character may be derived from a Bubble car - he even has the same three wheeled chassis. His being a toucan may be a Bill joke - The Bill being both a nickname for the Police and a name for a Birds Beak - and a toucan being a bird with a very big beak. Also, his name is derived from the fact a British police officer is nicknamed a Bobby. He is the only Wheeler that can fly.


Bobby is all blue with a colorful beak

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