Barnacles Bear
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Octonauts
Also known as: Captain Barnacles
Species: Polar Bear
Age: 30+
Friends: Kwazii, Peso, Shellington, Dashi, Tweak, Professor Inkling, Tunip, Barrot, Tominnow, Grouber, Codish, Boris the Narwhal, Harry the Harbour Seal, Professor Natquik
Relatives: Bianca (twin sister), Ursa (niece), Orson (nephew)
Occupation: Captain of the Octopod
Catchphrase(s): "Sound the Octo-Alert!"
"Octonauts, to the launch bay!"
"Octonauts, to the HQ!"
"Octonauts, let's do this!"
Voiced by: Simon Greenall (speaking); Ross Breen (singing)

Barnacles Bear is the main character of Octonauts. He is captain of the Octopod.


Barnacles is the brave polar bear captain of the Octonauts. He can drive any ship or GUP and is strong enough to lift a giant clam!


Barnacles is very brave and very kind. He is also patient and isn't in a rush. He might sometimes get concerned about his fellow Octonauts if anything happens to them. He is generally a social figure. He is also dismissive about Kwazii's beliefs in sea monsters.


He wears a blue jacket and a captain's hat. He has white fur and a gray muzzle.


For more images and screenshots of Captain Barnacles click here.

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