Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Bee
Age: 1
Relatives: Papabee (father), Mamabee (mother), Rubee (oldest sister), BuzzBee (older brother)
[[Category:{{{show}}} Characters]]BuzzBee and Rubee's baby sister.In the episode, Babee's Room, BuzzBee and Rubee were fighting about which room should Babee stay in. That made Babee cry at the end of the episode.


She has Pink eyeshadow and has a pink dummy at all times. babee is sooooooooooo cute.



Babee is very quiet and loud at the same time, she laughs loud and she cries very loud, she giggles loud, but sleeps quietly, all she does in the day is look and blink, she can do other things but it depend on what her family is doing.

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