Babar 2
Character Information
Gender: Male
Show: Babar and the Adventures of Badou
Also known as: King Babar
Species: Elephant
Age: 50+
Friends: Cornelius, Zephir, Chiku, Munroe, Zawadi, Jake, Dandy Andi, Heropotamus
Relatives: Celeste (wife), Arthur (brother-in-law), Pom (son, firstborn), Flora (daughter), Alexander (son), Isabelle (daughter), Periwinkle (daughter-in-law), Badou (grandson), Lulu (granddaughter), his Mother (mother, deceased)
Occupation: King of Celesteville
Voiced by: Gordon Pinsent

King Babar is the main character of the Babar franchise. He is the king of Celesteville.


When he was little elephant, his mother was killed by the hunter, forcing Babar to run away from home for safety and ended up in Paris where he met Madame. When he saw Celeste and Arthur, he decided to return to his home and became king after the old elephant king died after eating a poisonous mushroom.


Babar is generally a sociable figure ever since he was child.


He wears a green suit and a red bowtie, and wears a crown.



For more images and screenshots of King Babar click here.

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